Hedwig and Yitzhak are landing in Montreal for one night at the Wiggle Room. New show, new story, complete with the crackling energy of classic songs everyone loves. With special guests ¡FLIST! and Popfucker.

**HIM is a performance ritual, the portrayal of two iconic roles in a story yet to be told. Peggy Hogan (Hua Li 化力) is Yitzhak and Andrew Jamieson is Hedwig.

All photographs by Lumanessence.


Behind the Scenes fundraising episodes were filmed and edited by Stacey Lee.


Hedwig in Montreal was performed August 22nd, 2014 at the Wiggle Room in Montreal, Quebec.

Raising HIM: I

Raising HIM: II

Raising HIM: III

Raising HIM: IV

Raising HIM: V