Andrew Jamieson’s formal theatre training led him to directing his first professional stage production at the age of 16. Since then, he has directed over a dozen professional theatrical productions, two short films, three music videos, as well as his own Immersive Reality productions. Through the latter, Andrew has developed a unique approach to acting, a hybrid of numerous familiar academic methods, and Metamodern concepts.

“While studying performance in school, I often found myself at odds with the structures I was being taught to work within. Acting, with an academic approach, with paperwork (beats and tactics), is counter-intuitive, I believe. Also, as someone who negotiates living with Bipolar disorder, I often felt the methodology, with heavy reliance on the work of Stanislavski, both dangerous and irresponsible. The core of my approach to acting can be traced to Chekov’s concept of synthesis. I believe that acting is exactly that: acting. We need not play the dangerous game of trying to access our greatest joys, or our greatest sorrows, our trauma, in order to perform. Instead, I focus on the synthesis of a character’s lived experience, memory work, which greatly informs perspective and behaviour, without having to conjure a possibly unregulated emotional state. This approach then allows for our own experiences to fill the remaining liminal space, allowing for a vibrant, charged, but emotionally safe performance.”

-Andrew Jamieson

Andrew is available for acting lessons, audition coaching/prep, and public speech coaching, in person (Montreal), and through video conference.  Sessions are 1 or 2 hours in length, age requirement is 14+.  For more information, or to book a session, fill out the Contact Form below.

“Andrew Jamieson is an insightful, passionate, and powerful artist. As a director, he blurs the lines between performance and happening, to give actors the chance to embody true vulnerability, transformation, and authenticity while inhabiting the poetic punk-rock of his words. There is no space, no subject, no challenge that is safe from this individual’s wild, daring and instinctive imagination.”

-Laurent Pitre – @thelaurentpitre (Andrew Jamieson’s Who’s Afraid)

“Andrew Jamieson is distinctly talented and fearlessly provocative. Working with Andrew is always an enriching experience. If you’ve never done it, do it.”

-Chelsea Morgane – @chelseaamorgane (Andrew Jamieson’s Lethal and Young, Who’s Afraid, Bed of Nails)

“Andrew is incredibly playful and mischievous, in the best possible way. He’ll make you find what you need in each scene and help you go after it with vigour.”

-Aris Tyros – @aristyros (Andrew Jamieson’s Bed of Nails)

“I did a few coaching lessons with Andrew and it was awesome! He helped me fine tune a few things in my technique: The next thing I know, I book a commercial! Great dude! Highly recommend.”

-Matthew Sloane – @sloanesloanesloane 

“I’ve had the opportunity to cater Andrew Jamieson’s events, as well as play Diana in the online workshop of Bed of Nails. I’ve witnessed the nooks & crannies of their directorial skills, the attention to detail, and their extremely energetic and electric leadership. Every project Andrew leads is bound to be exciting & engaging, and you’re sure to learn a great deal.”

-Fiona Genevieve – @chef.molotov (Andrew Jamieson’s Bed of Nails)

“Working with Andrew was a blast. I joined the crew last minute but felt welcomed since day one.  Awesome chemistry and great personality. Definitely would work together again.”

-Blake Pereira Cayer –  (Andrew Jamieson’s Bed of Nails)