Starting as an immersive theatre experience, Andrew Jamieson’s Lethal and Young originally invited the audience into the performance space, a small loft in the center of Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood. The chaotic and emotional story, the breakup of a long-term relationship, tore through the space, causing audience members to either avoid or approach the unstable action, allowing them each to have a distinctly unique experience based on their perspective.  

At the time of its inception, Andrew was beginning life-altering research into Metamodernism.  In 2017, his need to experiment with the concepts he was exploring led him back to the Lethal and Young performances, which were workshopped in Montreal and Toronto in 2016. There was more to do. Andrew Jamieson’s Who’s Afraid first workshopped in 2017 in Andrew’s own loft. The most conventional elements of live storytelling, the “theatre” of the piece, were carefully removed, and replaced with experimental concepts of storytelling, of reality building, of removing the framing of exhibition, all drawn from Andrew’s research of Metamodernism.  Andrew found success in attempting to diminish, or eliminate, boundaries between audience and performance, submerging the audience into a new, discrete reality, one they were very much a part of.  Every element of the world was tangible, could be interacted with and pushed the audience to question how they existed within this world, one separate and discrete yet similar in many ways to their own.  They were encouraged to examine and explore every inch of the space to expand their understanding of the story and the performers, and their interactions with the characters influenced the tone and direction of the piece. 

By the official premiere of Andrew Jamieson’s Who’s Afraid in 2018, Andrew had begun to describe this experimental work as “Immersive Reality”, referring to it colloquially as “IR”. 

Interview with Godberd (2018)

My Entertainment World Review (2016)


Lethal and Young – Montreal, QC 2016

Lethal and Young – Toronto, ON 2016

Who’s Afraid – Montreal, QC 2017

Who’s Afraid – Montreal, QC 2018

Andrew Jamieson’s

Bed of Nails

In early 2020, Andrew began planning for a public script workshop for his next IR story experiment, Andrew Jamieson’s Bed of Nails.  The story is a follow-up to Andrew Jamieson’s Who’s Afraid.  The piece contains 12 central characters (expanded from 2 in the previous show), a live camera crew, and an audience of 50. 

Due to the pandemic, the workshops were moved to Zoom, and occurred weekly, running for 16 weeks straight.  They were also open to the public, as Andrew places an emphasis on the idea that “the process is superlative to the product”.  The workshops featured a variety of performers, from chefs and musicians with little to no acting experience to professional actors, everyone sitting at home in lockdown and eager to participate.

While the workshop series was an overwhelming success, due to the ongoing nature of the pandemic, Andrew has decided to place the development of this piece on an indefinite hiatus.